Poompatta Song

Pala pala naalukal njanoru puzhuvay

Remember learning the song about a butterfly just born in to the world ?

Any one knows which standard Malayalam text book had this song?

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  1. Vishnu

    Fantastc. I thinki I studied this as a malayalam lesson in 3rd standard(1995). Seems like time flies. 18 Years gone!

    Go ahead. Its nice to remember those old days, even though they will never come back.

    • anaska

      Thanks Vishnu.

      The thing with nostalgia is that they have a copyright tag attached! ๐Ÿ™

    • anaska

      And also do you happen to remember any songs that you learned in your childhood days? We have a small collection. It will be great if you can contribute ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Vishnu

        Yea.. I remember some lessons… “Thinkalum tharangalum(4th standard, 1996)”, “Usmante diary(4th standard, 1996)”, “Vazha(3rd standard, 1995)”, “เดเดพเดจเตโ€เดธเดฟ เดฑเดพเดฃเดฟ(2nd standard, 1994)”….

        • anaska

          Thank you very much Vishnu.

          If you remember the lyrics, do send it across.

    • jafar mpm

      athupole manassilennum orkkunnu…katha ( BABUVINTE PAVA..) kallan vannathum pavayi chavitunnathum….veeetukar undarunnathum…oohhh aaa kalam ini kitillaalloo….MARA MANDAN MALLAM kathaaa..anganee enthra ethra kathaka….ivide ormayil ullavar pank vakku plzzz…ariyathe namme angot kondupokunnu aaa pazhaya…lp schoolilek..( MSP LP SCHOOL MPM)


    varshangalkkumunpu njan thanichakkiya ente poompaatta enne thedi ethi. athu ente hrudhayathil vannirunnappol manasinu. vallatha oru kulirma initial njan thanichakkilla ithine .
    MOB: 9744147864


    Ente vidhyalayam enna pathyam ethravarshangalkkumunkpu padichathanu athinusesham ethra kavithakalim ganangalum ennil minnimaranju ava ormayipolum illa ennittum ithile varikal enteyullil oru vajrakallupol thilangi nilkkunnu.
    njan ENTE VIDHYALAYAM enna pathyam athyamayi kelkkunnathu ente sahodhari nalam classil padikkumpolanu annu njan onnam classil ayirunnu annu kettupadicha ee padhyam innum manasil mayathe kidakkunnu.
    nirbhaghyavashal njan nalaam classil ayappolanu DPP pattyar padhathi nillavil vannathu enikku athu clasil padilkan pattiyilla ennalum njan padicha ganangal njan marannu pakshe. ENTE VIDHYALAYAM .njanmarannilla.
    ente sahodhari chollipadikkumpol ithile eenamayirolkam enne vallathakarshichathu valuthakumthorum ithivarikale njan orupadu snehikka. thudangi.
    anne ithrayere aakarrlshicha mattoru poem ente jeevithathil undayittilla.
    ancham vayasil kettupadicha. randu vakkulkal koodeyumd
    R…. A…..T. RAT. ELY
    mathura swapangale nanni orayiram nanni

    MOB: 9744147864

    • hi.anoop.
      i like so much your nosthalgia……….
      bcz ………njanum ormakalil jeevikanishtapedunna oralaanu………

    • george thomas

      ningalude comment ishtapettu.. kavithakal epozhum chila nalla ormakal tharum.. athupoloru kavithayanu “ningalkullathu polen nattil njangalkundoru muthashi”

      • anaska

        Thank you very much george for your comments.

        Can you share the lyrics of the poem that you have mentioned?

  4. annbell neena

    ormakalin novukal thotunarthi enne……
    veendum nanmakal niranja balyam eniku kitiyenkil ennu thonnippoyi edu vayichappol……..
    oro kavithayyilum amma chollithanna oru nanmayurangunnundu…..
    guruboothanmarude anugraha vaakukalundu….
    souhridathinte thanalmaram thanna vidyalayavum………pne avide poompataye pole pari nadanna balyathinte orupadorupadu ormakalu……..kaipidichu nadanna kootukarude kaliyum chiriyum okeyundu………….

    • Can you please send us the same in Malayalam using this page – http://akosoto.com/article-submission

      • the memories of past touches my heart again……….
        i slipped back to my childhood once again wen i read this……..
        if i could get it once again………….
        i could feel my mother’s whispering in my ears…………
        yes the whisperings of that innumerable little virtues…….
        i cold feel my teachers whisperings of blessing………..
        i could feel my schooldays…..which gave me the evergreen memories of lovely
        the memories ……..where i was eluding like a butterfly…..

  5. thank u guys for this nostalgic poem… chilathokke enikku orma varunundu……some story …maramandan mallan, devid , kallane pidicha pava(ithano name ennu urappilla) pinne 4th standerdile oru poem ..chettu dhoorathe cheruvileru kulam vatiya thodanaathinte vakkil ….please add this if u can get it some w

    • Glad that you liked it. Spread the word!

      Let us know if you can add stories or songs to the site.

  6. devika

    hey frnds, does anybody know who wrote this poem?

  7. Kerala Paadavali.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Rejul K Raj

    Ee kavitha rachichathu KADAMANITTA RAMAKRISHNAN siraanu…. In 1965, when he was in Madras published first in M Govindan’ s Sameeksha…Source- Kadamanitta Gopinathan Sir ( kadamanitta Foundation, kadamanitta Ramakrishnan Sir’ s own brother)…..

  9. ithu onlinil pazhaya pattukal kittan ethelum site undel onnu ariyikkane

    00971 558788742

    • There are videos available in youtube. Other than that we are the only source ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thanks Rejul K Raj

  11. Anupama Vijayan

    pala pala nalukal njan ee kavithakkai alayunnnu ennal kandukittukayundayilla. Innathe english thalamurakku Ajyathamaya ee padyathe njan innum nenjiletty snehikkunnu

    • muhammed Anvar Ph

      And pamaraa. .njanum. .Innathe thalamurakku kuree internetum computer um aayi nadakkuka ennallathe oru kavitha polum ariyilla. .nammude pazaya kalath endellam kavidakal

  12. mammed pappat

    A ntea priyapetta vasukutty masheyum schoolintea mutathea aa plaavumaravum kanji purayum kootty kaly yum varshangal kippuram e ethu cholly yapool orrmavannu orittu kannu nerummmm…………..

  13. Satish Balakrishnan

    Feeling very cool and nostalgic. Childhood days means, it was a blessing from God and during that time this song was like a sweet heavenly song, singed by sweet Angles of those time.

    I studied this song when I was at 3rd standard during 1995. Really i miss those period very much.

    I know it wont come back but still those movements will be in my heart for ever.

    Satish Palapra Balakrishnan
    Class – 3 B (1995)

  14. jafar mpm

    athupole manassilennum orkkunnu…katha ( BABUVINTE PAVA..) kallan vannathum pavayi chavitunnathum….veeetukar undarunnathum…oohhh aaa kalam ini kitillaalloo….MARA MANDAN MALLAM kathaaa..anganee enthra ethra kathaka….ivide ormayil ullavar pank vakku plzzz…ariyathe namme angot kondupokunnu aaa pazhaya…lp schoolilek..( MSP LP SCHOOL MPM)

  15. muhammed Anvar Ph

    Thanks njanum Ith padichittund. .Pinne. .ende vidyalayam(4th standard) oru chithram..neela churul Mudi 3rd standard
    Pinne aaleesum kunjadum enna kada. .kallane pidicha pava. .jansirani. magiyum kurunjiyum (2nd standard) changala yude pad.vilakk.thiruvonam..thankathinte moham..Aana.mind a praniyude paradi. Maram oru varam (3rd standard) albudangal niranja aazi (4 th standard)marakkanavatha kalam

  16. shyam

    l read all comments i think so
    all are great hearted people
    ente ormayil ennum thangi nilkunna poems
    2 classile velli padasarangalumayi
    thulli marinnu kalichidam
    thiramalakale ningalitharu kali kalitharu padipichu
    another one thingalum tharakalum thoovelli kadirchingam
    1 to 7 standerd all songs are verry well i remember
    DPEP kondu vannathannu puthiya thalamurayude shappam
    nan ippoyum ente old school book sookshikkunnu oru nidhi pole

  17. Sheyad

    Great Work!!

  18. thank you very much for sharing these golden memorable lessons… ende makkale ee kadhakalum padhyangalum padippikkanaayi njan shramikkunnu. chilathokke marannathaanu.. ivide comments okke kandappol pala paadangalum paattukalum ormayil vannu.. valare nanni suhruthukkale.

  19. Thingalum thaarangalum, ……….charthi, thungamaama vaanin chottilaaanendae vidyaalayam,
    Innalae kanner varthu karanjeedunno…………………….. Marannuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ๐Ÿ™ aa nalla ormagal mathram baakikki…
    Poombatta – ippazhum orkunnu, innum marakkathae varigal..

    Onnanam kochu thumbi, endae koodae porumo nee,
    Nindae koodae ponnalo endellam tharumenikkyu,
    Kalippano kalam tharumen, kulippano kulam tharumen,
    Ittiripan pon thakidu, ittunnan pon thalika,
    Kai kazhukaan velli kindi, kai thorthan pulli patttu………………………………

    Usmantae Diary – I still remember the story… The climax – Innum baapayudae aa vakkugal chillitu vachirikkyunnu, usmandae kadayil (sort of)………..

    Paarinu paribooshanam chartheedum……………… padyam marannu

    Maveli naadu vannedum kaalam, manusherellarumonnupolae…

    Changalayudae paadu – Innum orkkunnu ๐Ÿ™‚ oru manja naayayidae padam, sidel’l oru theruvu naaya… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. thingalum thaarangalum..thoovelli kathir chinnum
    thungamamm vanin chottilanente vidyalayam
    innale kanner varthu karanjeedin vana-
    minnatha chirikkunu paloli vitharunnu..
    mul chedi thalarppilum…

  21. I cannot write anything more because my eyes filled with tears, remembered my school days.

    • Does anybody know the full lyrics of poombata song?

      • Lekshmi

        Pala pala nalukal njanoru puzhuvayi pavizhakkottilurangi
        irulum vettavyumariyathangane irunnu nalukal neekki
        Aralichediyudeyilathannadiyil arumakkinginipole
        veeshum kattathilakithulli veezhathangane ninnu
        Orunaal sooryanudichunarumbol vidarum chirakukal veeshi
        Purathuvannu azhaku thudikkum poompattathalirayi
        vidarnnu vilasum panineer poovil parannu pattiyirunnu
        Poovil thullum poovathu pole poonthenundu kazhiju.

        Enikku thonnunnu ingane anennu, am not sure.

  22. wooohh aah nalla naalukal…. veendum thirichu vannirunnenkil.

  23. sandhya

    Orupadu nostalgic memories… Puthiya pusthakathinte manam ellam orkkunnu…

  24. sandhya

    Thank you soooo much!
    Aa mazhayude thanuppum puthiya pusthakathinte manavum ee nimisham ormayilethumbol …aa nalukal ini varillennorkumbol manam thengunnu.

  25. Thank you all for the sweet memories.

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